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New Poker Season
by Marcel Maillet on 09/13/2022

Hey everyone!

  We are going try a new season of the MPC with some changes.  If we can get 18 – 20 committed people we can go ahead.  Please let me know by email or messenger by Wednesday, September 21st if you intend to play.

Instead of a game every 2 weeks for $20  - 25, we will have a monthly game for $40.  $10 from every game will go towards the finals.

There will be 8 games.  Then a Finals.

The finals will cost $20 plus $10 for every game you missed.  Play 5 out of 8 games for example, the Finals will cost you $50.

Games will occur either Friday or Saturday night.  I, Marcel, will host the first game and the Finals.  Anyone can volunteer to host a game, otherwise I will host.

If you are part of the LPT league, don’t worry, our games will never conflict.

I will need to know if you are interested by September 21st.

The first game will September 30th/Oct 1 weekend.  The Finals, Saturday, June 3rd. Player of the Year will be based on points per each game played. They will win $100.  This will be decided before the Finals. 

There will be no fee to join.


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