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Championship Game is a GO!
by Todd Melanson on 06/05/2020

The New Brunswick government has not increased the number of people that are allowed for an inside gathering.

We were hoping that is would get increased this week to more than 10. It did not.

Our fear is that someone sees all the vehicles in our driveway and calls the cops and then we are risking a $10,000 fine.

I don’t know about you, but we are not comfortable taking that risk J

So to keep in check with the health departments guidelines we are going to be splitting the Championship game and hosting in 2 locations at the same time!

I know what you’re thinking… That’s CRAZY! It is a little crazy but it’s the responsible way to finish out the season. You can all thank Sherry for the idea!

So this is how it’s going to work:

Table 1: Hosted at Sherrys

Odd Position Standings

Dan Goguen                       7000

Lise Goguen                       6720

Stacy Taylor                        5150

Claude Richard                  4810

Chris Bhagan                      4690

Chris Boulay                       4480

Sherry Melanson             4260

Angela Jones                     3830

Jim Blacquiere                   3000

Marc McIntyre                  1990


Table 2: Hosted at Marcels

Even Position Standings

Marcel Maillet                   6980

Annie Boudreau               5460

John Rushton                    4930

Lindsay Mitton                  4750

Todd Melanson                4630

Roger LeBlanc                    4460

Lou Blacquiere                  4260

Chris Campbell                  3350

Roland Gallant                   2880


  • I had to flip Lou and Sherry around as she needs to be at the house to host.


The games will start at 4pm, PLEASE try to be a little early so we can actually start at 4PM.`

As stated before each player will be required to provide his/her own face mask and hand sanitizer. Masks must be worn at all times except for when you’re taking a drink of your beverage ;)

All the usual MPC rules are in force with the following exceptions:

  1. Moving Players: For this game only, moving players for the purpose of balancing out the tables will not be possible. Play will continue at all tables until the merge regardless of the amount of players at any table.
  2. Merge: The merge will happen at 10 players. The final table will be played at Sherry and Todds house.
    1. We will count each remaining players chip stacks at Marcels game and those amounts will be given to the players at the final table.

Once merged we will play until a new Champion has been crowned!

Again all payouts will be done via Interac e-transfer

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